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Produced by Simon Hepburn and Alex Boucher (TCK) and sold through BagSport


Some of the unique features on these are:

1. The plenums are built around a 4mm thick base plate which has been surfaced flat during the process of building / welding to ensure the plenum seals against the carb face properly, meaning zero boost leaks!!

2. Bolt / stud support tubes have also been incorporated into the design to ensure that when the plenum is bolted to the carb the main body will not cave in from over-tightening which can cause leaks from the base plate and the back of the bolt holes.

3. A M14x1.5 threaded boss comes welded in all plenums as standard to allow an air temperature sensor to be fitted. On both left and right handed plenums this will always point towards the O/S front wing (drivers side).

4. The barbed boost reference take off for the fuel pressure regulator is the correct 8mm diameter to suit the original style Malpassi fuel pressure regulator, keeping hose sizing easy. On both left and right handed plenums this will always point to the N/S front wing (passenger side).

5. The kit comes with all the bits you need to fit it on your driveway. Plenum, 2x ARP Bolts, Genuine SU gasket, M14 blanking plug (if needed)

HIF Turbo Plenum + Heatshield

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