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A vital part of your Heat Management armoury, Funk Motorsport Gold Reflective Heat Tape. Made using a ceramic fibre weave topped with gold reflective foil, our adhesive backed tape is an absolute powerhouse under the bonnet.


  • Reflect away up to 90% of radiant heat.
  • Adhesive backed for easy application.
  • Help reduce intake temperatures.




You may have seen gold reflective heat tape applied to intake pipework. Why? You may ask. Well, the answer is simple. Gold reflective heat tape works to reflect away radiant heat from intake pipework by up to 90%. A cooler intake is crucial to performance and battling heat transfer from hot components is one of the most common problems facing manufacturers, engine builders and enthusiasts worldwide. In top flight motorsport, as an example, dropping intake temperatures by just 1-2 degrees C, can make all the difference on track.




Gold reflective heat tape is commonly used on bulkheads to reflect heat away from the cockpit. As the engine bay heats up, so too does the cockpit and soaring temperatures within the cabin are less than ideal for the driver behind the wheel. Say goodbye to sauna like temperatures and protect the driver by ensuring your cabin is as cool as can be.




It�s safe to say we all understand the importance of keeping of fuel cool. Exhaust systems and other components can dramatically increase the temperature of fuel inside the cell leading to vapour lock and fuel starvation. Line your fuel cell in our gold reflective heat tape rolls or sheets, to reflect away as much heat as possible.

Gold Reflective Heat Tape

PriceFrom £19.50
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