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Our reccomended unit for high powered large bore A-series engines.


Available to be selected for either our side mount or hi flow rear mount manifold kits.


This turbo is of a much higher quality to the generally used GT17 which are becoming harder to find outside of generic non branded copies. 


The special features are:

  • 44mm compressor inducer
  • Forged fully-machined compressor wheel
  • GTX Gen II compressor aero with modern gasoline turbine wheel aero
  • Supports up to 350 horsepower
  • Latest generation of journal bearing rotor group
  • Internally wastegated turbine housing
  • Ductile iron (SiMo+) turbine housing material
  • Inconel turbine wheel material
  • 360-degree thrust bearing
  • Oil-cooled center housing
  • Boost signal port with installed plug
  • Engineered for small displacement engines including powersports, personal watercraft and automobiles

Power range: Up to 350 HP
Engine capacity: 1,0 up to 2,0 Liter

Notice: Rotation is clockwise!

Compressor facts:
Inlet: 44,00 mm
Outlet: 56.00 mm
Trim: 62
A/R value: 0.59
Flow: 37 lbs/min

Turbine facts:
Flange inlet: T25
Flange outlet: 5-bolt GT25 / GT28
Inlet: 50.00 mm
Outlet: 46.00 mm
Trim: 84
A/R value: 0,64
Wastegate: Internal
Actuator: 0,5 Bar

Garrett GBC22-350

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