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Where the rabbit hole leads

Every automotive enthusiast will remember their first real dream car, the car that was actually somewhat attainable but still ignited that little fire of excitement.

For us that was the mini, and ultimately, that was the moment we fell down the rabbit hole leading us to today.

The story of our mini began much the same way as every other, we purchased what we thought was a well maintained, great condition car..... you know where this is going!

After using it as a daily driver for 8 or so months, we decided the best course of action was to pull the engine out and rebuild it. This is where things started to get interesting

No it wasn't broken and you're right, we shouldn't have touched it!!

One thing led to another and what should have been a simple engine build, first turned into a full underbody resto complete with all of the usual rust repairs and then quickly spiraled into the build you see today.

The 998 Turbo heart

Turbocharging the car wasn't in the initial plan, but as you already know, neither was much else! Again this was a choice which drove a huge amount of other changes to the build.

Adding any form of forced induction to a classic car comes with a long list of required parts, which come at a price. Part of reducing the costs of the build was to try and do as much DIY as was possible, from mounting brackets, to additions to the roll cage, we did as much as physically possible ourselves.

The enjoyment of such tasks and thankful success with fabricated components of all kinds lead to the start of BagSport.

Ben - Owner/Director/Fabricator

BagSport now aims to bring the classic car community the very best in automotive performance products, specialising of course, in the turbo conversions of the classic mini.

There are some exciting plans coming in 2023 for both the car, ourselves and our customers.

Keep an eye on the next posts for more details, but for now enjoy some of our favourite photos from our 2022 mini magazine cover shoot.

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Great story and history of the car. Looking forward to the future iterations and development!

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